Military Police in Time

Military Police in Time

Artist Proof Edition - 100
MPRA Edition - Unavailable
Image Dimensions: 25" x 15"

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In 1941, the Military Police Corps became a permanent branch of the US Army. While the corps celebrates its birthday each year, its roots can be traced back to the formation of a provost unit, the Marechaussee Corps, during the Revolutionary War. With a name borrowed from the French term for provost troops, the special unit was assigned by General George Washington to perform those necessary police functions required in camp and in the field.

The US Army Soldiers who serve as Military Police today continue those same traditions of duty, service, and professionalism. There are no other words that could better define the role of the "Military Police In Time" painting by Mr. Larry Selman. The painting consists of several different depictions throughout various time periods from 1941 until present.

The left side of the painting depicts the earliest stages of the Military Police Corps in WWII. As you continue across the artist's canvas you will soon recognize the diversity of the Military Police Corps.

The right side proudly shows the Military Working dog and displays the dedication the Military Police Corps has to their four-legged partners.

The center represents the very essence of the Military Police Corps. It can be assumed with certainty they are protecting the Regimental Crest they surround and all that it stands for. The Soldier in the center is the Military Police of today and the future. The uniform with advanced body armor and a stance clearly showing the Military Police are ready for whatever will be asked of them in the future, on and off the battlefield.

Finally, on their left arm they proudly wear the MP Brassard to indicate that for all their advancements in gear, clothing, equipment, and training they will always be connected to their proud history and those Military Police who came before them living the Assist, Protect, Defend motto.