Remember Me

Remember Me
Presentation Edition: 300 - Image Area 10" x 20"
Artist Proof Edition: 100 - Image Area 15" x 30"
Paper Edition: 300 - Image Area 11" x 23"
American Legion Edition: 18 - Image Area 22" x 45"

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The American army of 1918 marked the passage of the horse age to the modern era of combat. With the introduction of the airplane, tank, wireless radio, gas and motorized transportation along with many other innovations the WWI battlefield was dramatically different than any previous wars. Many of the senior officers of WWII had their first combat experience in France in 1918. Their time over there was brief, violent and marked the largest engagement the US Army has ever fought, the Battle of Muse- Argonne. At the wars close the US Army had sent 2,000,000 men to Europe with another million more already in training.

November 11th 1918 at 11 o’clock marked the end of WWI and was known as Armistice Day until after WWII when the designation was changed to Veterans Day. Remember Me depicts the AEF (American Expeditionary Force) returning from the front lines late in the war. America’s military contribution to the war in terms of length of service short compared to their allies but it also marked the emergence of the United States on to the world stage.

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